Filming and Photoshoots

Due to COVID-19 protocols, starting 09/29/2021, Hawaii's Plantation Village has new requirements for all individuals/companies requesting permission to do photo shoots/video productions.

You must first contact the City Film Commissioner's office to apply for film application approval before Hawaii's Plantation Village can arrange for your photo shoot.


City & County of Honolulu

Office of the Mayor - Honolulu Film Office

530 S. King Street, Suite 306

Honolulu, HI  96813

Phone: (808) 768-6100    FAX: (808) 768-6102

Website: filmhonolulu.com

Email: info@filmhonolulu.com

Once approval is obtained from the City & County of Honolulu, you must request and complete the Hawaii's Plantation Village Photography/Filming Permit. Approval may take time and evolving COVID-19 protocols can affect photo shoots.

Please be aware of the site fee charges and other requirements regarding acknowledgements and copies of publications as stated in the permit form. Contact our office for our Hawaii's Plantation Village photography/filming permit form.

If photography and/or filming is solely for personal use and not for any commercial use, only regular admission fee is required.