On Saturday, 20 September 1992, Hawaii's Plantation Village celebrated its grand opening of an outdoor museum focusing on Hawaii's sugar plantation. As part of a year-long celebration of our 25th anniversary, we  assembled a collection of everyday recipes representative of all the plantation ethnic groups. Over the decades our traditional ethnic dishes and flavors have evolved as a result of sharing at potlucks and through the introduction of new fruits, vegetables, spices and family preferences. This cookbook reflects many of these local changes.

The 224 page cookbook has the following sections: Harvest, Salads & Tsukemono, Garden Vegetables, Soups, Noodles, Preserved Foods, Rice, Main Dishes, Canned Goods, and Desserts. Many recipes are also accompanied by photographs or stories describing the significance of the dish.

Major sponsors who made this cookbook possible are the following:

Alan Wong
Matanuska Federal Credit Union
Big City Diner

The 25th Anniversary Hawaii's Plantation Cookbook sells for $15.00 plus shipping/handling (see below). Visit us to purchase (no shipping) or fill out the form below and send appropriate payment to:

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